LEONI quality management

The outstanding quality and reliability of our products and solutions are what make our name a brand. With these attributes we are setting standards across the global market. The certification of our quality management systems is always documented. Along with continual improvement, we specifically focus on our product and process quality as well as responding promptly to customer and market demands as cornerstones of our quality policy. For, after all, it is our customers who set our quality targets.

Quality policy Wire & Cable Solutions Division


A consistently high level of quality is vital for our products. This means that the entire process at LEONI, from planning a product through to its completion, is constantly monitored. Our quality management system is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified and parts of it have even been DIN EN 9100:2009 certified. They are being constantly monitored. For the manufacture and sale of products for the North American market we are able to apply over 650 different UL styles.

Quality tests

Numerous quality tests throughout our production processes guarantee the quality of our cables and cable systems. As well as this, the performance parameters of our high speed cables for use in data centers are tested and assured in our own high speed laboratory. The longevity of our products in their applications is tested in long-term endurance tests.


Customer award for supplier performance

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