Research & development

Data volumes, transmission speeds, cable diameter, flexibility... throughout its existence, LEONI Business Unit Telecommunication Systems has always responded to the increasing demands of the telecommunications market and set standards in research and development. Compared to the LEONI cables of the early 1970s, which could transmit 500 kBit of data, our current high-performance cable systems can now transmit 200 GBit and more.

Developing and improving on materials, production processes and products so that they meet current transmission standards is an ever-present component of our research & development activities.

Complete cable systems: PCB, backshells and cables from a single provider

As well as developing cables with increasingly higher performance capabilities that keep pace with new transmission standards, the Business Unit Telecommunications Systems also manufactures its own plugs and circuit boards in Friesoythe, Lower Saxony, as part of its EDS product range.

Our cases and circuit boards (PCBs) are specially designed to be compatible with our cables and are integrated in optimised processes specially developed by us. This guarantees improved signal integrity, even over longer lengths.

Optimised manufacturing processes

The very fact that our cables can transmit data at high speeds reliably and without interference necessitates the constant development of our existing manufacturing processes.

Two examples of our optimised processes for manufacturing optimum products are an innovative foaming technology for refining the cable dielectrics 
(LEONIzell®) and our proprietary dual-shielding technique for maximum signal integrity.

Material development

Whether indoors or outdoors, fixed or mobile, underwater or in the air, our large range of standard and special materials means that your cables will be 
equipped with the right properties for their particular environment.

Our materials research also develops new materials or combines existing materials to provide the flexibility and durability that is required of the cables.

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