Breakout & splitter copper cables

The LEONI Q to 2Q and Q to 4S solutions

The system solutions are available in different lengths. Tailor-made solutions with cables and breakout or splitter assemblies according to customer specifications are also possible.

Multiple high speed transmission with extended port density

LEONI provides standard and customised breakout and splitter cable assemblies to multiply high transmission speed with high port density. Recently, Business Unit Telecommunication Systems offers four basic versions:

QSFP across 4x SFP+ (breakout)

Distributes the transmission speed of 40 Gb/s across 4 x 10 Gb/s

CXP across 3x QSFP+ (breakout)

Distributes the transmission speed of 120 Gb/s across 3 x 40 Gb/s

QSFP28 across 2x QSFP28 (splitter)

Distributes the transmission speed of 100 Gb/s across 2 x 50 Gb/s

QSFP28 across 4x SFP28 (breakout)

Distributes the transmission speed of 100 Gb/s across 4 x 25 Gb/s



For further information on our breakout and splitter cables please contact our product management

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