Fiber optic cables


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Fiber optic cables

Modern households and workplaces are demanding increasingly higher data rates for communication via the Internet and for using the wide range of services provided by suppliers of broadband applications, such as TV broadcasters (video streaming), Video-Conferencing, Voice over IP, and video on demand providers. In addition to its traditional copper cable portfolio, LEONI develops and manufactures fiber optic cables made from glass (single- and multimode), plastic (POF), plastic-coated glass fibers (PCF) and LargeCore fibers (silica/silica) for use in communications technology.

These fiber cables are special made for the use in communication technology environments like FttA, FttB, FttC, FttH.

In compliance with a range of different standards, the cables have a flame resistant, rodent protected and halogen free outer jacket and possess several different approvals.

Special feature of this fiber cables is the flexibility for installation by air injection technology in usual protecting micro duct systems which are commonly used by ISP´s, city-carriers and public utility companies.

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